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Thursday, September 2, 2010

my companion have been really working hard the past week

Well this week has been great! We had our Zone Conference on Monday and wow it was incredible. There are a lot of new changes in the mission, some new curriculum, but it is excellent. We will be seeing a lot of success now from it. Me and my companion have been really working hard the past week and have been really asking and praying for answers to help our investigators. This morning we had a really neat experience. We were sharing what we read about the Book of Mormon. We shared how we new it was true and the experiences we have had through prayer. The power of the Book of Mormon is incredible. There is a triple promise if we read and ask if it is true! One, we will know Jesus is the Christ, two, we will know Joseph Smith was the prophet who restored the church, and three, we will know that The Church of Jesus Christ is the true church. It is so important for others to gain a testimony that this Book is true. The words help, inspire and uplift others to do GOOD!! To want to be better and to change, that is how it has helped me so muuuch. I know that it is true and the words are for our days!! I know that id we pray before we read and ask our Father in Heaven to help give us scriptures to apply to our lives, they will indeed come out to us and come to life!! So amazing! We have 3 steady progressing investigators who are great. We had an incredible lesson last night and in the afternoon with two of them! I am learning the importance of testifying and how important it is to help them gain their own testimonies, and not just teach lessons, but to teach to people. I feel so privileged to have this Gospel of GOOD NEWS!!! It is wonderful, and no matter what goes wrong, Heavenly Father is waiting for us to just pick up our phone and dial in, because he will give us what we need if we really ask for it! love you all and pray for our investigators that they will be able to gain testimonies and enter into the waters of baptism!!!!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Tavernier :))

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