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Friday, May 28, 2010


Hola Fam :)
Thanks as always for all the letters :) How is everyone?! I miss ya all! Everything is excellente here, I am loving pday today. IT is nice to relax a little. How was GLEe?! LUUUcky!!! haha Ill have to see it when i get home. :) I heard babbs is going to Dorthoy now? Shes takin my place :) nice! Tell her Hi for me and i miss her killer workouts. This week has been great. Im finally over the "hump." There was a time a couple weeks ago when I was just like man when are things gonna pick up?! And they are. We have taught the 1st lesson in Espanol about 5 times now. Its so good to practice. Chase should practice Spanish so hes not so confused when he gets here. Like what Josh is doing will help. Its better than nothing. But Spanish is picking up. When we teach, don't ask me how I do it, but its probably the Lord. Then after im like Wow I don't remember anything I just said HAHA. me and my comp laugh. She is struggling through the language so its hard for me to stay positive sometimes. A lot is going on at home too so i try to help and encourage her, plus thinking about home wont help at all. I think she is sick of all the pep talks i give her. haha. But its only because i know she has the potential to do it. SOO guess who came last night. Elder D. Todd Christofferson. We are so blessed to come at the "rush" of all the apostles! His talk was amazing. I have been thinking a lot about the little miracles Heavenly Father gives us. There have been days when Im super "unconfident" and things dont always go the way i hope they do, then the Lord comes into play by giving us these tender mercies. How grateful I am for them. I am so grateful for the Atonement and the tremendous influence it has on us if we are only willing to come unto him. :) He talked about how the Lord answers us through the scriptures. It is TRUE. Whenever I am seeking an answer, I go straight to the scriptures, and I find my answer. I feel so close to the Savior being on a mission, studying this Gospel all day is such a privileged, sometimes I feel like I do not deserve all the blessings i have received since being here. (if that makes sense) We are still teaching Phil. He was out of town so we only called him twice last week. Its so hard teaching someone over the phone, but the missionaries there cant get a hold of him. I think that me and my comp are suppose to be teaching him. That is another incredible blessing I have seen. This rare opportunity has taught me so much. It gave me hope and a little glimpse of what will go on on the mission. I don't think I will ever want to not have this lifestyle. Cant I just be a missionary my whole life? HAha i told my teacher that and they laughed. We have a progressive investigator Bobby, i think i already told you about him last week. He volunteers here(its weird he is actually a member because he plays his part SO good) but we asked him to be baptized last weekend and he said he would pray about it. When we went back yesterday, he said he had a bad experience. He told us that he felt some dark feeling and it wasn't good. So we shared Joseph's story and that really help him realize the power of Satan. He wanted to pray, so we prayed there and I have never heard a more powerful sincere prayer. IT was incredible, i was crying. ITs funny because He isnt a real investigator, but he received his answer after that he god wanted him to be! We are stoked! and get to plan a baptism in about 1 or 2 weeks. ITs SWEET! haha. We have 3 other progressive investigators we are teaching in Spanish. IT is really hard, but its such good practice and that is how my spanish is improving. we have only 2 more pdays! WEIRD. Time flies. How is everything at home? I got the meds-GRAcias! I loved the packages :) gracias. I havent heard from Kim or Shannon :( its okay though i understand they are busy.Please tell them hi and i Love them :) i dont have anyones address lol. I got a package from auntLori-please tell her thank you!! She is so sweet and I love hearing from her :) So Kenz is done with school today? WOW! lucky duck!! So how is Chadog??? Im so proud of my lil bro!!! ok so our trio(the other sisters in our zone) met a hermana going to DC! We tracked her down and she is SO legIT!!!! Shes from Concepcion Chile!!! So i told her my bro was going there and she was so excited!! She is learning english though, she is so cute and i think 24 or 25? she is amazing though and she will fly out with me and hma. gleason to DC.! She said she met 2 sisters from
africa going to DC north too-but english. isnt that awesome!!
Babbs! Hola! como estas? what is new? did you go to glee too? hows the singles ward?
I love you mom and dad so much. Thanks for all your support and advise. Your da bomb!!! :)
Tell everyone hi and that everything is tremendous ova in provooo !
Con Amor,
Hermana Tavernier :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yipee Chase got his mission call!!!!

Hola! Como esta?! Life is great here! Pday is excellent! We are doin laundry right now. :) Thanks for the letter yesterday mamma and dad! They were sweet! Sounds like the concert was fun! :) And im sure your laurels loved their quits! thats so awesome, your the best! Tell babbs hi and that im sending her a letter today :) IM SOOOOO excited for chase!!!!! WAHOO! I knew he was going somewhere down there and spanish haha! So i wonder if he is in Carols mission? I have been writing Carol too! Ill have to let her know. I love having sister missionary friends! :) and I have been writing Sister Samia(from Hawaii) shes is Phili. She is awesome. I cant wait to get the package from you! Thanks so much. My comp gets packages like everyday haha. But its all good. Her fam lives 10 mins away lol. I told chase what my teacher said about that mission chase is going to-he is jealous! he went to santiago and LOVED it, but some of his friends went to south concepetion and they say it is the prettiest mission there. :) haha. im so stoked for him. Jake!!!! Im so excited, and to Veirs mission?!?! Crazy! they will be BFF haha.
Man this week has been rockin! Me and my comp have been teaching Phil from Boston(i think i told you about him last week). He is a real person too haha... Here we usually don't get to teach real life people except at the Referral Center.(call center) and some elders passed him on to us-they only found and taught him a couple times) But we taught him the restoration and MAN hes so amazing. He is the coolest man. Hes about dads age and lives with his 2 brothers. He is on disability bc of his back injury at work. So he is home a lot. But we call him about every other day. Yesterday he wasn't in the mood to really talk, so that was really hard for us because Saturday we had the most amazing conversation. It was about 45 min long. Phil was flipping through the tv and came up on BYU sat morning before we called him :) He watched a little bit about Joseph Smith. He believes that Heavenly Father and Christ appeared to him! We practically started crying, it was amazing how the spirit can be so strong over the phone. He had lots of questions and doesnt know a lot about our church. I told him my favorite chapter is 3 nephi 11, when Christ comes. He loved that. He said he thinks its great when they compare Christ to the hen gathering his chicks. I was like, REALLY, o MY goodness this is incredible. It is just so amazing to share our testimonies to others, and truly the great power that the spirit can have with us and tell us exactly what to say. Man Saturday was excellent. The missionaries should be going over(we have been trying to get them over there the past week or two, but the lady at the office is so slow and crazy, I was telling my comp how i wanna ring her neck! haha. get the elders over there! HAHa. He couldn't make it to church(though he wants to go) bc his ride didnt show up :( Man Phil rocks though. He is an amazing person who deserves the gospel so much like everyone else!!!
We are also teaching a progressive investigator in the TE. We get to see him about 3 times a week. We LOVE him!!!!! :) he is this older man who's from Boston and its sooo nice and kind. He loves me and my comp haha. Hopefully we can commit him to baptism soon! We are super busy teaching different people, its great practice for the mission. We teach about 6 lessons a week, now transitioning to spanish. But bobby and phil are english. Its so great!!!!
My comp and me are great! we have been teaching in Espanol. Its crazy! ITS hard!! we speak "caveman Spanish". it is funny to hear us. haha. Im getting used to the schedule here. My teachers ROCK. They are incredible RM's who devote so much to us. We are so lucky. There's an elder here from Corona, Ca. in my district, he reminds me of Chase :) He is the Distict Leader, so when he talks, he is exactly like Chase. I feel lucky to have him here bc its like getting a little tast of my bro!!.
Last night the presidency came for our devotional review(we do a mini testimony meeting after) and after we finished the elder asked the lakers scores. Hes obbsesed too like Chase with the Lakers! HAHA me and him were SO pumped they are doing good. everyone else hates us Californians cuz there form UTAh HAHA.
Im great though. Healthy and happy!!! :)I love our new Hermanas! They are so sweet! they are going to Canada and Argentina. :)
I have been here for 5 weeks! WEIRD! its going TOO fast. It used to go so slow, bow its cruising by. I will call you at the airport and will give you details later. But maybe I can just swipe my CC there they said? or should i buy a calling card? idk. we will figure it out. Ok so i think i will upload all the pics onto CDS here at the photoplace. good idea? Then you can upload to your computer. perfect :) cuz the cards and flash drives might be too much work. Theres no time anyways! :)
Man i love you mom and dad, chase and kenz and babbs! will write you all more later :)
have FUN at GLEE! :) miss ya all and love your letters :)
El Evangelio is verdad, no?! thats what we say all the time(The Gospel is true, no?)
Love you all,
Hermana Tavernier!! :))

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another great email!

Hi! How are you mom and dad!?
Today is pday! YAYA! We had a great morning, got most of our studying in :) We are going to the temple later and going to eat in the cafeteria with our district :)
So last night we had a VERY special guest come. Elder Holland came! We are so fortunate here to hear apostles! It was so incredible. Nobody thought we would get one especially because we had Elder Perry come 2 weeks ago. Also Sheri Dew came on Mothers day to our RS! And we got to meet her afterwards. I came at the right time! :)
Elder Holland's talk was touching. It was firm but loving, you know how he is. The room was filled with the spirit. He told some funny jokes too. Patricia Holland is a gem. What a sweetheart. She told us to teach with love, as Christ would. That is what me and my comp are striving to do, and when we do teach as Christ would and by the Spirit, man our lessons ROCK. He told us how proud you were of us (since we couldn't be with our moms on Sunday-Mothers day!). :) He told us how important this time is, that there is literally nothing better than preaching the gospel. He told us never to come home with regrets, and to step it up. His man message was to "Never go home and walk away from this" because he has seen so many bad missionaries just act like there mission was nothing, where it should have been the foundation of their lives. He talked about Preach My Gospel and the old way they used to memorize the discussions. I cant even imagine that. He told a story of 2 missionaries who were in a rich part of South America and a lady answered the door and spoke in English. They were shocked. They started to teach in Spanish, but she said, no teach from your hearts. You can guess what they said. They couldn't do it. She was very disappointed. After this experience and many others, President Hinckley felt that missionaries need to teach by the Spirit. We find what someone needs and teach them that principle along with whatever we feel they need to hear. The new PMG is for missionaries just as much as it is for investigators.! Cool huh?! D&C 50 is amazing. Me and my comp read it this morning. Read it! :) verses 13-14 tell us that the gospel must be preached by the spirit, or there is no other way. When he told us all this, I was so touched!He said "This isn't Burger King, You cant have it your way" HAHA. thats the BK slogan. LOL
We must trust in the Lord! and to "knock their socks off!" My fav thing he talked about was Christs love. My heart ached with love as he told us how much we mean to Christ.In Matthew it says "Lovest thou me?". That was the theme. Then it says "Then feed my sheep." I don't think it had ever crossed my mind until I entered the mission that if we love him with everything, we must preach the Gospel. Out of everything he askes, he askes to teach and to love others. What a kind, merciful Lord he is! I felt the power of an apostle when he said "I did not give my life for a fairytale!" He speaks for all the 15 men. They have gone through hell and back and if they didn't know it was true, they wouldn't be here today, giving everything up. I realize I must give up everything I have for the Lord while Im here. My pride, any judgments I have of others, and become like Christ. We can do ANYTHING or everything through Christ, if we serve diligently and keep the commandments, and give everything to our callings whatever circumstance we may be in, and I know this is true because of the strength I have seen here on my mission. Sure I miss things at home, like you all and all the good times, but this, this work is undeniably what I am suppose to do! I have confirmation every day and I know that if we put God and Christ first, we will be HAPPY :) I love missionary work! it rocks lol. So me and my comp have a real life investigator! some elders from our zone left and they happened to call at the RC(resource center) and contact someone who is interested in the gospel. He signed a pass along card a couple years ago and they finally go a hold of him. They left this weekend, so they felt they should pass it to me and Herm. Gleason. We felt so fortunate. We haven't talked to him yet(he got in a bad accident) BUT we are talking to his Brother Doug. Doug seems Golden, hopefull it will last that way! We are calling him in a bout an hour. :) I shared my testimony yesterday and told him a little about missionaries and my family. He doesn't have a fam but lives with his 2 brothers. they are around 50 and live in Boston. We sent the missionaries out there this weekend, but one didn't talk to them. We will see how everything goes. Im excited! I LOVED talking to a real life investigator and we are so privileged to teach someone right now, this is rare i guess. coolio!
Well everything is just dandy :) We get tres hermanas today!! :) We are excited to meet them!
I love you SOO much and hope everything is welll at home!
Let me know when Chase gets his CAll! WAhoo!!
thanks for the letters! :) love you all very much! :)
Love always,
Hermana Tavernier

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chelsies week 3 email-whooo hooo!

hey fam!
I love you all so much!! How is everyone?! I am excellent! Thanks for all your letters :) i love them. Im so glad the wedding went great! Lindsay's friend Ally asked me how is was last night, she is hilarious! Today is p-day! saweet! we went to the physical therapist this morning for my companion so we could have more time to study this afternoon so we are not so rushed. Im doing laundry right now too. The other Hermana's left a couple days ago to Guatemala! I was so jealous, I wanted to leave too! So now its just our district and one other one, but they are leaving Monday! We also get a new set today and me and my comp and the zl'a get to welcome them and give them all the low down. haha. So we will be the oldest district for a while (and no Hermana's are coming :(..) But things are good! I am loving my life and loving learning about the Gospel and new lessons that help me everyday. We went to the TE(teaching evaluation) yesterday to get some feedback. We are now introducing ourselves and talking about work, school and other everyday activities in Spanish. We are carrying on a 15 min conversation before our 30 min lesson. So every Friday(for the real lesson) we are preparing throughout the week to do that. We got good feedback, but we don't know Spanish HAHA. We laugh every time we leave bc we say..will we ever be able to get this?!) Thankfully the other elders that have been here almost 9 weeks say the same thing. HAHA. But nevertheless we still have faith and hope that the gift of tongues will be with us..hopefully! :) I have been so fortunate to have been prepared to be here. I have totally noticed this since I have been here. With everything I went through before and in Hawaii, the Lord was testing me.....So I guess I am somewhat passing-haha saweet! lol- but for reals, this work is SO great and, it makes me feel awesome! Thanks for your prays mom and dad cuz they are working! We had an awesome fireside last night. Elder Gibbons from the Seventy came and gave the best talk! It was about preparing ourselves for questions to come from people. For instance why did Joseph have to restore the church? or are God and Jesus separate beings? Faith or Works? Etc.... It was awesome to hear his cut and dry, to the point answers. He reminded me of Elder Holland and was able to back up everything! It was amazing. After all that is said and done, he told us about an experience he had on his mission in Holland with his comp. They were going down a river and he was a "greenie" of about 4 months. His comp leaned over and told him how the Holy Ghost talks to him and how the spirit makes him feel. He was a little envious so he prayed and had a great experience. From then on, he has never in his life felt anything more clear and concise than the Holy Ghost testify that something is true. Isn't that so true? We can logically search and search but until we ask and feel the comforting feelings of peace and joy that the Holy Ghost brings, then "the witness of the Holy Ghost is the most powerful witness ever. More certain than anything your eyes can see, your hands can touch or feel". I just love that. I know that is so true in my life. When me and my comp teach and when we start to talk about how we know something of the gospel is true, the spirit is burning in the room!!! I love it! It is so amazing to teach! At the MTC, we must seek first to obtain the word, then will we be the most successful. This is true. How can we testify and preach about principles if we haven't felt them for ourselves? I'm grateful for experiences and trials that brought me to ask if this were true. That is why I am here! My FAV quote in PMG is "Once you've felt the power of the atonement in your life, you will have the greatest desire to share it with other" something like that.... BUT for me that is why I wanted to serve! Until I knew that was true, nothing was stopping me from serving. I LOVE the Lord and our father in Heaven. This whole plan is because he loves us so much. WOW so awesome! I love sharing that with others, and yes I do get really excited to tell the "fake investigators" that too HAHA. ITS saweeet!
Ok off the soapbox LOL. FAM your DA best! I love you all!!! :) Whens the mish call coming chase?!!? I'm writing Chase and aunt Lori asap today :) aunt lori sent me an awesome letter! I miss her! And LOVE her desire to share the gospel too! She is changing lives too. Ok well keep me posted on the call...Im thinking Central America???? HAHA We will see if Im right, prob not hhaha
sorry I didnt write a separate email to others, just cut and paste I guess lol. No time here to do anything!!! gosh!
Love dads letters, they make me laugh hard :)
Thanks baby for your letters :)
Mom thanks for the tights and candy, u rock! miss you and love you.. oh i cant call on Sunday-Mothers Day :(BOOO!!! But I do get a "couple"
hours in the airport when I leave in June! :)
Con amor,
Hermama Tavernier :)