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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weeks letter theme..Moroni 7:29 (read it!!)

"han cesado los milagros, mis queridos hermanos? Os digo que no!"

ok i dont have my eng BOM with me but the theme is miracles! I
have an amazing companion!! Hermana Anderson rocks!! She is an
incredible teacher and we have a great time together. We have alot of
work to pick up in this area together which has been dead for a
while. We have both been out 5 months! :) Working at the VC is great. I
have seen some incredible miracles there. It is fun being able to give
tours. I guess what makes this VC different than others is that we give
tours. The mission president encourages all the missionaries to take
all of our investigators there when we being teaching. Theres a really
good statistic that i think, not exactly sure, but 30% of converts had
a good experience at a visitors center. We give tours to people who
walk in and it is great. OH something really crazy happened. when we
get to the VC, we also work in the calling room, we call our referrals
we receive from the VC and send the missionaries if they accept. well
since i a m new, the sisters gave me some older referrals. I opened my
bag and i had one from Meagan Ricks referring her friend Crystal. I was
like...wait this must be super old because shes been out a year i
think! And someone had brought it from the MTC. How crazy is that?!!?!
So i called her and only chatted for a couple minutes because she was
busy but wanted me to call her back! coincidence, i think not! haha.
my first tour i gave was an unscheduled tour, a latino family walked in
and i was working on the floor greeting, which means i can give them
tours when they walk in. SO it was a member family from virginia and
the mom had her brother there that wasnt a member. He wanted the
missionaries to come :) it was a tender mercy that happened! i was
just excited i was able to teach the restoration by myself :) I am so
so grateful for the gospel. We are all so blessed to have the truth in
our lives, to receive many many blessings!

Today we went to the city and up to the Washington Memorial :) we
were able to spot the temple from the north side. It is huge! Im
grateful to have temples, and to work at a Visitors center. We went to
the Smithsonian of the natural history! Super cool!!!!! it was
beautiful. DC is s super cool area!!

love you sooo much,

Hermanita Tav

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