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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chelsie arrived in Washington DC!!!

Hey mom and dad!
before I forget-didnt get chases email..?? What is it?
Anyways!! HOLA! Im here safe and settled in DC :)) WAHOO! Today(Wed) is our Pday :) Talking to you all was sooo great!!! Yesterday we got in around 9 and the President and his wife picked us up:). They are fantastic people. So kind and hilarious. I can tell they are about ready to go(next week.) So they picked us up and drove us to IHOP. LOL. It was so fun.But don't you worry-it gets BETTER. lol.Oh and it is SO HUMID! It was about 90 degrees yesterday and is today too. They drove us straight to the temple to "check in with the Lord" :) It was a very good spiritual experience. The temple is AMAZING. It is huge!!! We spent a little bit of time, and then met some of the missionaries at the VC.:) We next went to their home and took naps:) yes a splendid 4 hr nap. :) Then we had a training meeting mainly about driving and emergencies. We ate dinner then had a testimony meeting. It was terrific. We had some dessert, played ping pong(yes sister Mansell played too lol) went to bed :) This morning we all got up(15 missionaries stayed) Then went straight to the VC to meet our trainers. My trainer is fabulous. Her name is Hermana Menendez-she is from Ecuador. She has been our for 9 months :) Luckly, the three of us Spanish sisters got natives :). My prayer was answered :)Yes! I had a great chat with President last night and he asked if I knew how to ride a bike-of course that was hinting that I would probably be starting in a bike area-which is totally fine! This morning he said that one set would be going full-proselyting, and I had a feeling last night I would, and we are! It is a lucky opportunity to go Spanish full-pros! Im SO excited. I guess there are a lot of sisters who dont ever got full-pros. Which means no VC for a transfer or two-but we can always bring our investigators there! Im so excited to go to a Spanish area and learn Spanish quickly! What a blessing! My trainer is great! After we went to the temple and did a session. We get to go every transfer. It feels like home here! When I flew in I knew exactly this is where I am supposed to be. :) We ate some wonderful lunch here then picked up all of our stuff at the stake center. Oh and I wont be needing blazers until I am at the VC. There are about 30 Sisters-14 Hermanas-spanish speaking. Everyone is so nice-a lot of Sisters from various places in the world-Italy, France, tons of South American countries. The senior couples are SO nice. I am excited to get to work! Our area is supposedly really big-southern Maryland-but that just means a good work-out right?! haha. I am so excited and happy right now! I know that my comp is going to do a great job. She is so cute and so diligent and hardworking. I can already tell. I got the bedding :) Gracias! I love you so much and dont forget to email me Chase and Babbs emails. thanks for everything :) write me to the mission home this week!!!!!!!!
Hermana Tavernier :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Como estas?!!
This week has been excellent! I am lovin the missionary work! ha so whats new? It continues to bless my life everyday. I love learning from my amazing teachers and companion everyday. It is a privilege to preach this gospel everyday. I REALLY love it. 8 WEEKS!!! wow time flies. wowwwie. We get our flight plans tomorrow!!!!!!! WAHOO! I am anxious and excited to leave. Hopefully I will understand what people are saying haha. Tonight me and my comp got asked to help the new missionaries be "their missionaries." What happens is the first day here,about 30 missionaries get called into a room with a investigator and they have to teach him. But they have help of a companionship who sits in on them and get to know and tell them who we are and so forth. We get to do it tonight for 4 hours. Im pumped to do it for all the new missionaries!!! What a wonderful opportunity. Robert D HAles came last night to our Devo!!!!! So thats 4 apostles! Incredible!!!! His talk was so wonderful. Everytime they come, the spirit is soo strong. He talked about obedience, sacrifice, and baptism. I love hearing about those topics because they really go hand in hand. Something that has really been on my mind is how much faith we must always have in Christ all the time, not just as missionaries. He promises us that he will tell us what we need to say in the moment. Also if we just ask, it shall be given! How incredible! I can testify that this is so true. I have exercised this faith and it really works. We had a great Sunday this past week. Our district all got to bear our testimonies in Spanish(usually the oldest district does it in spanish, but it is optional). And I LOVE our elders, the 5 of them are incredible. They are going to do amazing in Nicaragua. They are legitimo-lol... They leave monday :(. So I wont have pday next wednesday-it is next friday. Me and Hermana Gleason have training starting wed-with all the temp sq missionaries :). Im excited! Then we have pday friday. :) We get to go to temple sqaure and practice a day next week. Im excited!!!!! So i wont be able to tell you exactly when i can call until next fri-but prob leaving mon or tuesday?? Im not quite sure! sorry. Teaching in Spanish is going a lot better. At first it was hard, but now we got the hang of it. It is still hard, to figure out all the vocab and verbs and seeing if they are right, but we usually leave the lesson and we sya, we dont know how we were able to say that!!! Its really neat how the Lord is always helping us. I love missionary work! Its the besssst! I love my comp, she rocks and we have learned a lot from each other. My teachers are incredible and I hope to become like them when I get home. Oh our branch presidency is SO awesome. President Krueger is THE MAN! He is hilarious. He said to us..staring and smiling...."Your looking good...your good lookin." HAHA. He always is just smiling and has a quiet demeanor. He write Good on the board. He said he was thinking all about what he should say and that is the word that came up. Then he wrote a smile face in the o's and a smile under it :) he rocks! They help us so much and give us SO much love and express it often. Their wives are INCREDIBLE. They are so awesome. They come up to our dorm and chat and help us since we dont have our moms :)
Well Love you all very much!!!!!! Love hearing from you all!!
Le quiero mucho!!!!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Tavernier
Hola Fam :)
Thanks as always for all the letters :) How is everyone?! I miss ya all! This week has been great. Im finally over the "hump." There was a time a couple weeks ago when I was just like-when are things gonna pick up?! And they are! We have taught the 1st lesson in Espanol about 5 times now. Its so good to practice. Chase should practice spanish so hes not so confused when he gets here. Like what Josh is doing will help. Its better than nothing. But spanish is picking up. When we teach, dont ask me how I do it, but its probably the Lord. Then after im like Wow I dont remember anything I just said HAHA. me and my comp laugh. She is struggling through the language so its hard for me to stay positive sometimes. A lot is going on at home too so i try to help and encourage her, plus thinking about home wont help at all. I think she is sick of all the pep talks i give her. haha. But its only because i know she has the potential to do it. SOO guess who came last night. Elder D. Todd Christoferson. We are so blessed to come at the "rush" of all the apostles! His talk was amazing. I have been thinking a lot about the little miracles Heavenly Father gives us. There have been days when Im super "unconfident" and things dont always go the way i hope they do, then the Lord comes into play by giving us these tender mercies. How grateful I am for them. I am so grateful for the Atonement and the tremendous influence it has on us if we are only willing to come unto him. :) He talked about how the Lord answers us through the scriptures. It is TRUE. Whenever I am seeking an answer, I go straight to the scriptures, and I find my answer. I feel so close to the Savior being on a mission, studying this Gospel all day is such a privileged, sometimes I feel like I do not deserve all the blessings i have received since being here. (if that makes sense) We are still teaching Phil. He was out of town so we only called him twice last week. Its so hard teaching someone over the phone, but the missionaries there cant get a hold of him. I think that me and my comp are suppose to be teaching him. That is another incredible blessing I have seen. This rare opportunity has taught me so much. It gave me hope and a little glimpse of what will go on on the mission. I dont think I will ever want to not have this lifestyle. Cant I just be a missionary my whole life? HAha i told my teacher that and they laughed. We have a progressive investigator Bobby, i think i already told you about him last week. He volunteers here(its weird he is actually a member because he plays his part SO good) but we asked him to be baptized last weekend and he said he would pray about it. When we went back yesterday, he said he had a bad experience. He told us that he felt some dark feeling and it wasn't good. So we shared Joseph's story and that really helpe him realize the power of Satan. He wanted to pray, so we prayed there and I have never heard a more powerful sincere prayer. IT was incredible, i was crying. ITs funny because He isnt a real investigator, but he received his answer after that he god wanted him to be! We are stoked! and get to plan a baptism in about 1 or 2 weeks. ITs SWEET! haha. We have 3 other progressive investigators we are teaching in Spanish. IT is really hard, but its such good practice and that is how my spanish is improving. we have only 2 more pdays! WEIRD. Time flies. How is eveything at home? I loved the packages :) gracias. I havent heard from Kim or Shannon :( its okay though i understand they are busy.Please tell them hi and i Love them :) i dont have anyones address lol. I got a package from aunt lori-please tell her thank you!! She is so sweet and I love hearing from her :) So kenz is done with school today? WOW! lucky duck!! So how is Chadog??? Im so proud of my lil bro!!! ok so our trio(the other sisters in our zone) met a hermana going to DC! We tracked her down and she is SO legIT!!!! Shes from Concepcion Chile!!! So i told her my bro was going there and she was so excited!! She is learning english though, she is so cute and i think 24 or 25? she is amazing though and she will fly out with me and hma. gleason to DC.! She said she met 2 sisters from
africa going to DC north too-but english. isnt that awesome!!
Babbs! Hola! como estas? what is new? did you go to glee too? hows the singles ward?
I love you mom and dad so much. Thanks for all your support and advise. Your da bomb!!! :)
Tell everyone hi and that everything is tremedous ova in provooo !
Con Amor,
Hermana Tavernier :)