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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holocust Museum today-INCREDIBLE!!

HI :) how are you!? thanks for the emails and letters! I know things are hard, things are really hard always! Heavenly Father, I know this for surety that He tests us for a reason, and its because He knows already that we can handle it! We volunteered to come to earth and to pass the test! And its our job to ask. With everything that has gone on, rejection and rejection, canceled baptisms a couple days before here in the mission field, I KNOW that if we ask and tell Heavenly Father please "I cannot do this!" he WILL answer us and help us. One thing I have really learned is that He does not want us to be confused, we aren't here on the earth just to WORK, Work, WORK, make money, spend it, that cycle which I have seen in pretty much every person I meet. He wants us to become like Him, and LIVE the gospel of His Son. It is incredible some of the experiences I have, well i might say all of them, which truly test my faith, and I feel most of the experiences I have are for me.
So today, we were heading back from the city-we finally went!!!! Visited the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL-again-it was INCREDIBLE!
On the Metro home we got off our stop and were walking up to the car, all of the sudden at the bus stop we see Jose(a recent convert) waiving in the bus driving by! We have been praying praying praying to find him. About 3 weeks ago we saw him in the street and he told us that he didn't want anything to do with the church because of some of the things he had done, etc. He doesnt have a phone number, and the place he lived at was empty the past couple weeks. Basically he didn't feel the atonement would work in his life. It was a MIRACLE in the middle of some random street we saw him. He got off the bus and headed towards us.We talked with him and helped him realize it doesnt matter what you did, as long as you are williing to repent and never go back. So we got his new address. Wow it is incredible how the Lord truly knows the thoughts and intentions of our hearts and answered our prayers. This gospel is a gospel of truth and miracles, it completes and edifies people in a way that we would never see possible without someone who sacrficed His life for us. On my planner i have a saweet picture of a blind man and Christs hands touching his eyes and I cut out in the Liohona this "El puede curar TODA HERIDA" which means "He can heal any wound." I love that. I have really seen that throught the Atonement of our Savior, wow when we sin, he will help us, if we have weaknesses, he will make them stronger, if we have sadness, he can really make them go away. The Atonement isn't just for sin, its for times of sadness, and weakness, trials and frustration. We have to act right? thats the only way! We can really feel of that love after we submit our will. It is the best feeling. I am grateful, so grateful for the happiness and comfort of this gospel, of the message of LOVE that it is. I have learned that love and charity are essential and if we illuminate this Christlike attributes into our lives and live them, we will become more like him and change. Change is good! I think a lot of people don't accept change well, a lot of missionaries don't wanna see that "change" in themselves, but hey, that's what we are here for on this earth, to change and to become more Christlike, to accept the downfalls and learn from them and grow from them :) My theme i write in all my planners is "let the mission change you!" I dont want to go back to where I was before and if i do, then wow I really didnt learn anything on my mission, and it would deny the existance of our purpose here on earth. I love this area. Its been tough but I know that the Lord always provides, and it may not be always in the way we want it to be. Its super humid still! Today a little rain, which was a nice refresher. My comp is excellente!!!! we have such a fun time, she is really funny and we enjoy every minute together, i really just love her with all my heart. She is helping me so much with Spanish, I wont let her speak English with me lol. We have had a lot of funny things happen to us just the couple weeks we've been together. Its saweet!!!!!

Well g2g time is so short!! I love you all and pray for everyone! ::)
take care
Con Amor,
Hermana TAV :)

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