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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I LOOOVE missionary work. IT rocksss!!!!!

Im STAYING :) in Olney South-they are keeping it FULL-PROS :)wahooo and BIKES:) my new comp is sooo great! Hermana Gomez. She is from here-but yea she is from slavador i think. :)We had our second baptism this past Sunday!! Luis got baptized(the one with the lower leg amputated.) The baptism was incredible and the spirit was so strong. He brought his walker into the font for stability. It was so cool. I love this area. Its gonna be great this next transfer. We are finding a lot of potentials. I have really loved working with Hermanna menedez. she taught me a lot, hard work and obedience. I love her sooo much..shes my "mom" :) haha. There arent any new sisters this transfers. Im so excited to work with Hermann Gomez. she has strep right now though :( it is a little sad :( and i stil have the "death cough" as my roommates call it. I was sooo sick on thursday. I had to sleep during my studies it was awful then i was like..i cant do this anymore(sick thing) so i took a shower, said a prayer with my comp and got ready and i felt better that night and since then its been better. For about 2 days my body was soo weak. I hated those days. But im better :)
We are working with Rony right now, he is so great and is really progressing a lot. We took him the the VC last night and taught him about lesson 3-the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow the spirit was so strong and we were watching a talk sobre the importance of baptism and everything. I love this work and the opportunity I have everyday to share my testimony and see the light in other people's eyes. I am grateful for the comfort and happiness I feel through the Atonement and through this gospel. I have really learned so much about who I am, and what I want to be :) I am grateful for faithful hardworking members of this church who really make things possible because members of our ward are incredible and really are dedicated to helping us. :)
I love this gospel, I LOOOVE missionary work. IT rocksss!!!!!
Hermana ChelsieTavernier :)

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